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Posted by admin On June - 30 - 2010

Nebraska Football … Titans of the Gridiron

The University of Nebraska is a storied college football powerhouse, a team that has played football for 119 seasons, dating way back to 1890 when they met their very first opponent, the Omaha YMCA, and won the game 10-0.

2010 will, of course, be their 120th consecutive season. And this team, known throughout Nebraska and all over the rest of college football-crazed America as the Cornhuskers, figures to be dominant once again. It should come as no surprise. The team from Nebraska is the 4th most successful team of all time. Their career record through 2009 is an astounding 827-341-40.

Nebraska FootballIn fact, the Cornhuskers are one of only 7 teams in the entire history of college football to have more than 800 victories. They are the most successful team in Division 1-A Football over the last 50 years with the most wins of any team and the highest winning percentage, as well.

And, of course, the team has represented the school proudly in countless major bowl games throughout its long and accomplished history. Importantly and impressively, the Cornhuskers have played in many major bowl games, the kinds of games that often decide the National Championship.

Want proof? The Nebraska Cornhuskers have been crowned “National Champions” five times. Their current Head Coach is Bo Pelini. He will be starting his 3rd season in 2010 and has already established himself with the team’s fans. In his first two seasons, the team recorded a record of 20-8. Pelini is walking in the footsteps of two of the greatest Head Coaches of all time, men who helped to establish Nebraska’s standing as a true college football powerhouse.

The first of these great coaches was Bob Devaney. He was in charge of the team from 1962-1972, during which their record was an almost unbelievable 104-20-2. While Devaney was Head Coach, Nebraska was an almost perennial top-10 team, a “football factory” that regularly produced top-caliber players for the National Football League … and a team that had many of its games broadcast on prime time television. The 20 losses over ten years attest to Devaney’s remarkable success. His teams lost an average of two games annually over a full decade. And that is just amazing.

Bob Devaney’s successor did even better. Hand-picked by Devaney, Tom Osborne coached the Cornhuskers from 1973-1997 when he retired as one of the greatest college football head coaches in history. During his tenure, the Nebraska Cornhuskers compiled a record of 256-49-3. The team dominated the Big 8 Conference in which it played … overwhelmed non-conference opponents … and was generally ranked in the top 5 nationally – every season.

Osborne’s success as a Head Coach made it easy for him to recruit great high school players, not just home-grown players from Nebraska, but from other parts of the country, as well. These young players recognized that playing for the Cornhuskers would give them a chance to appear in nationally televised games and would improve their chances of being drafted into the NFL when their college careers ended.

While the Cornhuskers have been only good, not great, since Osborne retired, they are still considered a college football powerhouse and a formidable opponent. Some reputations never die.

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