Nebraska Football Schedule

Posted by admin On June - 30 - 2010

The Nebraska Cornhusker’s Schedule

Nebraska is a perennial college football powerhouse, a team that regularly plays against top competition and one that often makes it to major bowl games. However, it is also a team that is in a Conference. As such, it is required to play many of its games against other teams in the same Conference.

And, because the Conference in which it plays is considered to be one of the more important “leagues” in college football, the winner of the Conference always receives an important bowl invitation. Nebraska is almost always a pre-season favorite to win the Conference Championship.

Nebraska Football ScheduleOf course, the Cornhuskers have always had traditional rivals, other college football powerhouses like the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns. And, while these schools sometimes outperform the Cornhuskers, Nebraska certainly wins many of the annual battles, as well. That’s why Nebraska ranks Number Four all-time among major college football teams for wins. They are, in fact, one of only 7 teams with more than 800 wins in the history of the sport.

And … they are almost always a threat to compete for the National Championship. The current Head Coach of the Cornhuskers is Bo Pelini. He will be starting his third year in September when the Cornhuskers open their season. His record for the first two years: a very respectable 20-8. And, while Nebraska may not be a top five team when the season begins this year, they will be, as always, an elite team … certainly among the top twenty-five in the country.

The Cornhuskers’ first game will be played right around Labor Day weekend … on September 3rd. There will be eight home games played in Lincoln, Nebraska (where they are very difficult to beat) and four road games.

The games played at Lincoln will be against Western Kentucky … Idaho … South Dakota State … Colorado … Kansas … Missouri … and perennial national power, the Texas Longhorns. Nebraska will be on the road when it faces off against Iowa State … Oklahoma State … Oregon State … and the Washington Huskies.

Is it a tough schedule?  It certainly can be even though there are some obvious soft spots on the calendar … games that the Cornhuskers should win with little or no trouble. But, there are difficult games, as well.

While it’s hard to predict that any team will be good before the season starts, it’s easy to expect superior performances from teams that have a history of success. That said, the games that could result in losses for Nebraska are primarily on the road, against Washington … Iowa State … Oklahoma State, as well.

Tough home games are a near certainty when Missouri and Texas visit. But, Nebraska’s proud history and its ability to play well in front of the hometown fans make it appear as if the upcoming season is likely to be successful for the Cornhuskers.

There is nothing etched in stone, of course. However, past performance and a long record of achievement on the gridiron count for something. In 2010, it could lead to a successful winning season.

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